Clinic Specializing in the detection, Prevention and Treatment of Human Papillomavirus. We have specialists that will help you detect any issues with this pathology, to avoid any complications more serious like Cervical Cancer.


We are a clinic specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Human Papilloma Virus, therapy for helping accelerate the natural clearance of human papillomavirus, regularly monitoring the decrease in the infection until it disappears. We find it in a medical team 100% professional and technology needed for such treatment.


Genital or anal warts are usually diagnosed with a visual inspection by the doctor in the office, but if you can not see with the naked eye you can use the following tests for detection:

  • Test with acetic acid
  • Anoscopia
  • Biopsy
  • Pap


As the case warranted after review of our specialists, if you have anal warts due to HPV infection may draw from the application of drugs in creams or topical preparations to the affected area to remove, until more advanced procedures, aquellos as the base heat freezing (Cryosurgery) by applying liquid nitrogen.

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